Dr. Caroline is passionate about her belief that happiness is a basic human right.

She is a psychiatrist, speaker, author, and an expert in positive psychology, healing emotional trauma, transforming mental illness, and relationships with self and others.

Dr. Caroline has more than 12 years experience in helping people achieve happiness. She completed her medical training in India and postgraduate psychiatric training in Texas, USA. She then moved to Melbourne, Australia to practice psychiatry. She is also an expert in complimentary treatments such as Neurolinguistic programming, Mindfulness, Acceptance, Commitment Therapy and other self-empowerment techniques.

She upholds personal integrity and believes in the practical application of various techniques to help enable the maximum number of people to have happier lives. She is an expert in the psychology of emotional empowerment, conquering fear and treatment of anxiety, changing thoughts and behaviors, helping others cross all bridges and embrace a better quality of life.

Passionate about assisting others to apply success strategies in their lives, ignite their relationships at home and at work in pursuit of more satisfying lives, Dr. Caroline herself has stepped up from personal adversity and disempowerment to success and happiness.

She is now very keen to help you lift your quality of life to a whole new level. Dr. Caroline wishes you all the success and happiness you deserve.

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